Thursday, December 22, 2011

Timing Update 2: When Will I get a Job?

Q: When will I get a job?

Anchor - Scythe - Roads - Key - Tree
(3-5yrs) - (autumn) - (libra, sept-oct) -  (N/A) - May
Highly controversial Spread. I get a feel that if I do not make a decision soon its going to take a long time. Anchor and Tree both suggest delay and slow movement. The Scythe expects a sudden decision as to what I want to do and the key means the answer will come but a little late and with a delay. I often get a Tree in my job questions.
On to the timing thing, In Autumn I was presented with two different jobs opportunities. I have to choose one.  22 and 33 are master numbers and they are both present here side by side. I feel like the answer is not decided unless I take a decision.

Update: This is my spread from first week of December and it was on spot. At that time I had not even applied for a Job and now I have got one. Its a medicine-related job, thus, the Tree. The Key has been my answer and my guide all along. Timing wise it has not been that much on spot but it was right about the Roads card in middle, I had to look for an alternative instead of putting all my eggs in one basket and right after doing that, I got the job I applied for. This is destiny and fate (Key). The cards helped me with the "where" part too in this spread.

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