Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week Dec 17-23

Ring - Stars - Mountain - Key - Lilies - Snake - Moon

This looks like a new relationship is stressed but it will be resolved when a man (a third person) helps an unsure woman.

Key in the middle brings some answers this week. Some solutions or a new start is happening. Where its happening is in terms of breaking away from blockages (Key+Mountain) and finding a new found passion or help from an important man (Key+Lilies).

Update: This week has been the most amazing week of my whole existence. I have lived a whole life in this one week and I cannot be happier. The pain will come later. The key right in middle has solved all my problems and it feels like this was destined to happen. A new relationship did emerge and grew so much in just one week, A new start happened and hit me properly in the face. I did break away from blockages of all kind and ended up finding a new passion.
First Half:
A new relationship reaching its heights.

Update: The Cards couldn't have been more straight-forward. I'm totally completely, utterly in love. A relationship has reached its peak and now I'm only afraid its going to fall now.

Second Half:
Lilies +Snake+Moon
A man with an unsure woman, or a man and woman romantically involved.

Ring+Moon talks about a new attraction between two people. Stars+Snake tell there is a new start for a woman. Mountain+Lilies show a stressed man or a sexual blockage.

Update:A stressed man did fall in love with a woman and they are having the time of their life right now! *evil grin*
Number 3 and 7 look very very obvious in the spread.

Adding all numbers = 164 = 74 = 11 = Whip. There are some arguments and hot discussions this week.
Having Three 8s in the draw means a proposal of some sort!

There have been lots of communication and private discussions this week, but thankfully no arguments.

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