Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lenormand Small: Fish + Ship

I have always wondered about Ship and Fish card. Both have water in it and the Blue Owl deck I use also shows a ship in the Fish card.

Fish has following meanings for me:
1. A financially independent man, a business man
2. Getting out of the emotional realm and thinking logical (the fish coming to top)
3. Increasing/multiply in number
4. Unknown fears/emotional engulfment

The Ship card has following meanings:
1. something from far away, can be another city or another country
2. Travelling, by air or by sea
3. Freedom
4. A person who loves travelling and freedom
5. Feeling alone

I got this combo today morning as my event of the day. The first thing after looking at ship that came to my mind was, the foreign company I have applied to, and the Fish could be something related to my financial independence, Since I'm a part-time student and I need a little money to save for my further studies, I have been looking for a job lately. The Fish card had to be it and Ship card should be the Foreign 'something' and it had to be that company. I was waiting all day, knowing it will happen, and then the phone finally rang and I knew this was it. They told me my training stars from Monday.

Together they have simply meant, Financial + Freedom and its true because this job literally means a lot to me right now.

Update: P.S, watch out for something coming on surface, and your emotional upheaval resulting from that. I have been noticing a clear change in my emotions, I have been happiest and saddest in one day with this draw. This mainly happens when all of sudden you come face-to-face with truth of some kind and things all of sudden start making sense and you get upset because of that. Good luck with the combo.

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