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GT about a particular area

Note: This was my very very first GT when I started with this deck back in August. I did it for 4 months (Oct-Dec) and I did not change any word of it from the original interpretations I made at that time. The text in blue font is updated month-wise for four parts and on December 24th for general interpretations.The text in original font is the original text from August 28th,2011.

I decided to give it a go, yes, My very first Grand Tableau with my Lenormand Deck. I am very much excited because of this whole thing, because its really large and the whole deck is used but is known to reveal very much information.

The area of focus is the universal concern; love!

Question: Whats in the area of love till the end of the year?







First I will explain what is what in this spread
Lady = Me
Man = My romantic encounter :p

First Three cards: theme of the reading:
Roads + coffin + house

These three cards are also representing my past, so the reading is themed around some decision which resulted in a painful ending in my personal life in past. This is referring to a decision i took about ending things with someone in my past , which did hurt me a lot but it was very important for me!

Four Corners = Main message of the cards formation
Crossroad + Moon + Stars + Mice = There are emotional decisions to be made before a new dream can be wished upon.

Latest past:
crossroad + coffin + House
End (Coffin) to a way (roads) leading to shock in house. Things have been pretty much stressed in my house dues to a woman ( crossroad) who is ill(coffin) and very deceptive (fox) and had a surgery (scythe).

Farthest past:
Lady + Dog + ship + mice
I have been pretty much loyal to a long distance relationship resulting in lots of stress this is what is revealed here.
Immediate future: Lady + Key + whip + Birds + stars

There will be many conversations for me in next four months and they promise success (Key and Stars). Both Key and Stars ensure success and whip and Birds ensure lots of communication, phone calls and discussions.
Farthest future:

Lady + lily + mountain + garden
I see myself resting and being at peace because of the immobile blockages ahead, after which lies lots of happiness and abundance.
what is under my control:
Lady + Man + Rider + Fish + Flowers

It feels like I am sitting on top of situation Its up to me to get a man, or move about like a free man, or focus on financial securities, to make my life joyful, its all up to me.

Fate Line =  
Letter+ Flower + Anchor + Ring

Letter + Flower = Invitation
Flower + anchor = work with beautiful things
Anchor + Ring = lucky and mutual relationship

Letter + Flower (Sun+Fish; Key + whip)
It looks like an invitation which brings success and happiness along with some conflicts and disputes which look rather definite.

Anchor + Ring (Tower + Bear ; House + lady)
This looks like a stable and mutual relationship, with a single but protective and ambitious man (Bear is my Man, not woman) and this brings comfort to me.

The Ring: Column: Whip + Snake + Mountain + Bear + Ring
At Present: There are arguments, twists and turns, hurdles and large problems to reach the commitment.
ring is in house of fate, so this part of my life is karma, in house of ring is mice, but there are small problems, in house of mice is heart, which tells me these problems are my own feelings and emotions, In house of heart is storks , so i see a change of feelings which is good.

It was supposed to happen. It had to happen like this and its so full of pain, in the House of Karma. I feel like I can even die for this relationship. It completes me, despite of all the pain, I can't love him enough.The pain will come later.

The diagonals:
Coffin + Dog + Rider + Tower + Ring

The end of things with a person from past and separation from him.

Already separated from the past, the ex- is not even in the picture now, my whole existence revolves around him now.

Storks + garden + ring
garden + ring is wedding and storks in house of heart tells that only change in feelings will lead to something bigger and more committed.

The cards surrounding the Ring are Anchor, Tower+Bear+Garden are all suggesting something powerful, long-lasting and stable.

I don't know how long-lasting it will be, all I know is that I don't it to end. I will never give up on us.

Heart Column: Birds + Book + Heart + Garden
The Secrecy is causing all the nervousness, but there is a chance to meet new love in a public place,

Met on a social networking site. Couldn't believe it happening so fast. This is a secret love though. we cannot bring it out in open.

Heart is in house of mice, so the problems are related to feelings and emotions, in house of heart is storks , so there lies a change ahead, in house of storks is clouds, so these changes are not clear yet.

There are lots of worries for us. We love each other deeply but we cannot be together. There is lots of stuff that occupies our minds. we worry about us but at the same time we feel high when we are together.

Diagonals: key + snake + heart + moon
the answers will not be straight, rather twisted and heart + moon means romantic feelings or a new romance.

Things are not what they were supposed to be.It came in a rather unclear package. we love each other but we have lots of complications here.

Tree + heart + bear + anchor
the growth of emotions is becoming more powerful and stable.

Snake+Book+Tree on top tell me there are some unknown complications which are delaying things.To the Right of Heart is Storks which is promising, The Stars are also promising. The Tree tells there can be some delays though!

These emotions are so overpowering that we are already beyond the realms of right and wrong. It seems like we had a karmic connection in past life.
There are lots of complications which we do know. There is a karmic connection which we do not know.

Division into four parts:
Letter: some news, message, communication

Crossroad + Coffin = the way is ending here
coffin +house = shock in house
house + lady = private life of lady
Lady + key = successful lady
Key + whip = conversations will definitely take place
Whip + birds = many conversations, messages, discussions, most times:
birds+ stars = message which promises success

after things end and there is a shock in house, conversations will take place in house which will promise success.


making a smart decision, false decision is possible
scheme revealed
Everything will be clear soon!

this communication and discussion will be related to some false scheme being revealed.

a short-term problem will cancel a trip which will result in new start.

UPDATE: There was a shock in the house and it was pretty much hard on nerves. There were many discussions, with others and myself too, they resulted in a change of approach as to what i should focus on, rather than what i want and how to get it. This change has changed everything a lot in perspective of love.The roads + fox wanted me to make smart choices so that the situation gets clear for me, which it did indeed. There have been many trips cancelled and i will wait for the new start now!

Flowers: peace, abundance, some invitation:
UPDATE: I actually got a romantic offer from someone I have known for many years.


FEEDBACK:There is a situation where I'm going to sniff out the situation, when all of sudden a man who was a friend (Dog + Man) came up with expressing his romantic interest. He is wise and passionate (Man + Lily) but there are complications involved (Snake). This left one thing still in doubt if it was going to last long (Book + Tree). I decided to let the relationship stay for a while till I dig the Book part out.

House + Dog + clover + sun
in private life there is someone who is lucky and having success

Update: We both feel very much at home with each other, lots of energy and luck is there in the friendship.

Lady + Man + Rider + Fish
me with a man who is active and businessman

A Man with a news which engulfs me comes.

Anchor = stability, work, job

A job was definitely more of my focus for these few weeks. I have contantly been struggling to find one.


I feel like there is lots of longing and unpredictability coming up. I would not know what I'm longing for. Until the success comes when a Fated message comes. This will bring up some blockages in matters of love, and finally there is improvement in my love life.

Clouds + Storks tell there is unpredictable changes, Ship+Heart will make me long for love, Clover + Mount. tells me luck is blocked, Rider+ Cross until a fated message/man arrives.

Finally there has been lots of longing which ended and after that came lots of delay. Storks + Heart has been present in my GT for December now so I'm positive its finally going to change. My heart has been set free now.

Key + Lily + Cross + Tower
wisdom unlocked when lots of pain comes from being lonely.
Lots of wisdom and passion has been found while dealing with the pains and burdens of the isolation.

Whip +snake+mountain+bear
troubles are taking turns, lots of stress, may be related to a boss or work.
Lots of stress and upheavals are going on in terms of strength and work as well. I was more concerned about my job this month.

Ring : commitment, marriage

I don't know about marriage but I'm in love so utterly and so deeply I didn't even think I'd be so much in love again.


A total new beginning with success with a man who is tall and strong. There is public recognition too. What I do wonder about if Fish +Tower +Bear is a Banker?

I really can't believe I knew this since August (That is when I did this spread). He IS tall and strong and we are moving way too fast. ok wait, did I actually wrote BANKER? because that's who he is. I just can't believe I were so good with the cards back then.

Birds + Book + Heart + Garden
there is some secrecy involved about falling in love on a public forum or a social place.

Well its a secret love and it has to be kept secret. we did meet on a public forum.

Stars + tree + stork + moon
it looks like the message is that the change will happen and it will bring something new (Moon) but after a while (Tree). Tree has always been my delay. card

Both Moon and Stars makes things appear good with Storks.

I really believe that something karmic is going on between us. It has brought an emotional change in me.

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