Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec 3 - Dec 9 week

I tried to do it the GT way but didn't really liked it.It might be because now I'm so used to doing the weekly draws with 7 cards.
Q: What should I expect for next week?

A: Garden - Storks - Flower - Book - Scythe - Snake - Ring

Socializing brings changes which make me happy while I stay unaware how suddenly the complications in a relationship are cut loose.

Garden +Storks ; Garden + Ring, meeting people brings changes, meeting people/going to a place I go regularly. Storks + Flower ; Storks + Snake moving towards happiness and moving on, or detouring
Flower + Book ; Flower +Scythe  meeting a stranger will bring unexpected joy.

Flower- Book - Scythe = an unexpected encounter/offer which I don't know about. there was no unexpected offer of a hidden danger. I couldn't figure this one out.

First half:
Garden - Storks - Flowers = Socializing bring happy and pleasant changes, pleasant meetings

There was so much going on in these three days, I was busy and was surrounded and visiting people all the time.The Garden has started keeping me very very busy.

Second half:
Scythe - snake - Ring = A woman in danger, An unexpected twist in a relationship, suddenly all complications related to a relationship/routine matters, end.

My grandmother fell and broke her leg. Mama Whodun explained the Ring well on this
The concept of a ring comes from the Latin annum, i.e. a ring of the Earth around the Sun, or an annual event. The Ring following the Snake can mean that your Elder will see a return to health, however it will occur over the long cycle- think in terms of a year or more, as the Serpent is a spiral- an elongated series of ring like "steps" in a healing process such as physical therapy. Our English word ring is from Middle English ringen, from Old English hringan, which may be based on the sound made by a bell, so here it might suggest a warning- that she be careful or mindful of the complications that can occur from a break or fracture.

With the Ring reflected by the Garden as first card in your layout, it may mean she might require care from others either in a group setting or help at her home for a time during the healing process.
I'm hopeful about her condition though!

Adding all the numbers = 114 = 24- The Heart. It will be a lovely week yaayyy
Interestingly the Hear appeared as the theme a lot of times during the week. I was somehow thinking a lot about warmth and affection this week.

It was a lovely week indeed, except the end!

Update: I later on made a few more discoveries how the cards hep me learning more about my grandmother who fell this very week and broke a can be seen Here.

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