Saturday, December 3, 2011

December: Line of Nine for Love

Just like the Line of Nine I did for Work, I'd do one for Love this December and see if I'm going to fall in love this year (2011) 

Focus: Love life in December

Mountain - Mice - Storks - Whip - Scythe - Stars - Book - Ring - Sun

Scythe right in the middle suggests there is something I need to cut away from in order to fall in love. The Stars right next to it tell me I need to find a sudden idea, a sudden inspiration will bring a Secret Relationship which will make me very happy (Sun).
In the Past: There have been blockages (Mountain) which are lessening now (Mice). In reflection , Mice+Ring can be a continuous stress over the matter. Storks - Whip is the change which has been making me passionate with every day and I'm hoping luck will strike.

Present: Whip - Scythe - Stars= Right now there is a passionate hope to find the new path.

Future: Book - Ring - Sun
A relationship which will make me very happy, but it will be a secret relationship.

I have to wait till the end of the month to see how it manifests!

December 29,2011 Update: I am in love, it is a secret relationship and it does brighten up my life. The Scythe suddenly gave me this new way of life , it happened so suddenly and it was really good to have this thing happen to me. We are keeping the relationship secret yet and the reason its a Ring instead of a Heart is because we are so totally deeply involved and committed towards each other, the Heart card won't have done the justice!

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