Friday, December 16, 2011

Relationship Reading 2

Having got a really accurate prediction done about a relationship here, I decided to do this same one for a snapshot for my friend and a guy in her life. They are just friends right now but she sees a romantic potential.

Present Situation: Key -Storks - Rider
It looks like the destiny has brought a change for her through him. The Storks is the Queen of Diamonds who can surely represent her.The Rider can be him, since he is quite a young guy besides he is a friend-lover sort of guy for her right now so it can be him. It looks like destiny brought them together. This is totally true for them given the kind of encounter that brought them together.

Advice: Clover + Roads = It looks like they will have multiple luck, or they have to come to some terms which will bring luck for them. The Roads card has sometimes shows an escape or an alternative to me as well, which shows they will find luck if they take a decision as to whether they want to remain friends or lovers.

Outcome: This was supposed to be one card, but the Man was not giving up much so I pulled another card. The small Ace of Hearts on the Man card caught my attention. The Man and Woman both facing each other, this looks perfect in the outcome position. I thought it could mean the outcomes depends on the man, but here its more than that.  I pulled a third card and it was Clouds. This could show some troubles, but with them facing each other and the lighter side of clouds towards them, it looks like my friend needs to leave some uncertainties behind and enjoy life.With the Roads sitting right on top of her, they are simply the options or alternatives in her head, the Guy is waiting for her right in front of her.

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