Saturday, December 17, 2011

Number 3

If any one has noticed in my previous posts, the number 3 has been appearing too often. I started noticing this last night while figuring out my draw for the next week. Why am I all of sudden noticing three? Because its important. I do not think I will all of sudden for now start noticing a number so intensely around me. It happened a while ago when number 8 started appearing everywhere.

We will stick to number 3 right now. I will go step by step as to how it started appearing for me and how I started noticing it so much.

1-So I first noticed it in my week's draw. I had 4 cards either adding up to or having a 3 in them.The time before that was when it appeared in four cards out of five in this reading.In both readings I have mentioned that I'm noticing repeated number 3 here, but it wasn't worrying me.

2-Today I drew 3 cards about what is the near future for me and this person who is a friend right now.I usually draw few cards for one aspect and keep doing till all aspects of a relationship have been handled. I got Scythe + Snake +Fish. Snake has often represented me. I was wondering about the Scythe when I noticed the playing cards inserts. Three people. One woman and Two men. Both are from suit of Pentacles, one is immature (Jack) and the other is mature/older (King). My interpretation at that time was that it means I will be stuck between two men. Both will be same in many aspects (same suit), just different ages. I will be more inclined towards the mature one though while the Jack seeks my attention.

3-Moving on, the next question was Will he come to see me?
The answer was 3-13-30.. Three is haunting me now! He will come (Ship) and this will help things grow big time from Child to Lilies.

4-Moving further on I did a horary question last month about meeting a significant man in December. I was Venus, He was Mars and we were making a grand Trine with Jupiter. While I was focused on the thought of number 3 , I searched a little about seeing number three very often.While reading the article, it hit me in the stomach that astrologically, number 3 rules Mars, Venus and Jupiter (yes, my grand Trine).

Now i'm just wondering if its referring to combining the forces and starting a foundation or is it talking about a love triangle?

Update Dec 17-18,2011
Last night I had the weirdest dream ever, It was about a ship and an ocean. The ship was sailing in dark waters. The very next day I met a Navy Officer who was immediately drawn to me and was pushing me to be my friend. He said he was going back to his ship. I don't know what to do about this because number 3 rules Sagittarius, its card number for Lenormand card Ship and he is a Sagittarius and in Navy :s

Update Feb 11, 2011
He has proposed me for marriage out of blue. He said he has been thinking about this all along and the cards I drew for today were Ship - Letter - Stars.

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