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GT for December

Lady –- -Fish – -Coffin – Mountain – Man – ---Scythe – Sun – ---Book
Tree – ---Key ---Flower -- House -----Dog ------Moon --  Letter --Child
Stars—--Ring –- Rider-----Snake------Fox-------Lily-------Mice----Ship

First Three Cards
It looks like the finances will be again giving me a hard time this month.I'm in house of Rider, so I'm being active and going places. The Fish in house of Clover means I'm having a little success and luck with finances, but Coffin in house of Ship is bringing longing for a change and transformations.

This month was about financial troubles. I so wanted a job, because I thought I could use some extra money, and when I found one, I figured out that I could not keep up with managing both full-time college and full-time job. Thus, I ended up thinking and worrying a lot about all the things which have been bothering me about the issues about money. Summing it up, I ended up with bad finances yet again. I went through a whole cycle and ended at where I started from.I had a little luck about finances but the longing left me with pain. The Coffin was painful.

Corner Cards:
Woman - Tower - Book - Storks
I am ambitious, but lonely, waiting for the unknown to happen.
Woman - Book = a woman studying/getting education Tower-Storks is going to get rid of loneliness.

There were two things going on at same time. I was ambitious, looking for a change and I did them too, and when I found the changes, I chickened out at once.

I have no past this month LOL. I'm so happy because I'm turning a whole new chapter this month and its good if I have nothing from past with me.I have nothing on my mind too, just the thoughts of a new chapter.
Tree-Stars-Storks .. I'm so positive, and ready to find a new path which will take me to new horizons.But it looks like there is some delay yet before it can happen (Tree delays things for me ) Tree in house of Flowers, say there is delay until something pleasant can happen or I will be enjoying a good health this month. Stars in house of Storks and Storks in house of Ring tells me I will be finding success in changes in relationships and contracts.

My life took a new turn this month. There were lots of changes happening at many levels. I did find success regarding a change in relationship.

Fish-Coffin -Mountain-Man-Scythe-Sun-BookThe financial worries will stay for a while, stressing me, blocking my way to a man who will suddenly bring success towards me in my studies or in matters of unknown secrets.
Book is in house of Coffin so I think these are changes happening at a level I'm not aware of.Man is in house of Tree, this is happening again, he is some one related to medicine. I wonder who he is!Key-Rider-Bear-Anchor
Yeessss finally a news about job is coming, which is a good one with presence of Key and I think I will have success. Fox is sniffing out the Snake, so its a woman I will be worried about, the deceit can be from a friend too , with Dog on top. The Fox is on top of Birds, which is next to Bear so these can be the phone calls or messages or interviews with possible employers.Mice are next to Lily, so I will probably feel deprived of rest, or a family member would be stressed. Mice is in its own house showing that its emphasized.

The Man in house of Tree can be a man I have a karmic connection with. This is what we both think. There was a news about job, I actually got one, I had success with it too. My extra cautious nature (Fox) helped me dig out things and find pros and cons before deciding anything.I felt very much out of rest because of which I had to quit. Managing both studies and job together was tough.

Fate cards 
Roads -Clover (Cross - Bear - Man - Scythe]
It looks like I have to make a decision about who I want to work with. A man will help it decide unexpectedly.Anchor - Garden (Birds - Clouds - Coffin - Mountain)
Public work, interacting with people through non-face-to-face communications will stress me out big time.I had Garden last month too and I just cannot tell how much I was socializing. It was Ring +Garden with Heart + Letter and I was getting oh my God messages from so many people who were half-in-love with me. I wonder if its going to bring negative and stressful messages this time.

I had to take a decision about what I wanted to do. I ended up deciding about my job questions. A man helped me deciding it unexpectedly. Closer to House and Dog, the Man was my Father.
I started a job where I was having lots of communication with friends, and I liked it a lot too. This time it was getting hectic for me because of managing my studies along with.

Looking at Negative cards to spot issues and problems:

To answer my questions about certain things, I will be looking at different cards.
Coffin is in house of longing ,means I would be longing for a change and transformations, which will stress me. Coffin is closer to Fish means its about my financial independence. The Mountain is not only in house of House but on top of House as well creating stress in house /family. In house of Scythe is Key, I should be warned about what destiny does to me, or what I might unlock with my actions.Scythe is cutting at Sun so it can be my success or my optimism.Clouds are facing towards Whip , making me confused as to what I should discuss, or something needs to be repeated because of ambiguity.

I was longing a lot about being financially independent. There was lots of stress in house because of my grandmother's surgery and all. I was stressed with the sudden decisions I took. The Clouds kept me confused about whether or not I want to keep the job. 

Book for studies: 
In house of Book is Heart which means I will be loving my books for once :D or I will generally be pleased. The Sun, Letter, Child surrounding book suggest all is well in that area.
Using Counting: Dog - Ring - Mice - Bear - Roads - Fish - Sun
A friend will make me lose my focus on studies, but I will get the strength to part ways from this blurriness and finally have success.I should be aware of people who are trying to keep me busy and not letting me give enough time to my studies.

I found a secret love this month. We are keeping it very much secretive yet. Not everything is well in studies this time. I have scored really low in three courses in mid-term exams. The counting was right because a friend make me lose focus. Its a friend I'm in love with. This relationship is with holes, a stolen relationship (Ring+Mice). 

Heart for Love:
In house of Heart is Ship which says I will be longing for love this month.My journey towards love will be on. I will be sailing alone this month.
cards on top of Heart are Stars-Ring-Rider show I will be looking for a spiritual connection when I 'm looking for love. Stars -Roads tell me I have to make a decision which will grant me success on the way. There will be a message about love, or a Man in love (Rider has been representing a man lately) which will be fateful, and bring me to a point where I have to make a decision.
using Counting: Whip - Garden - Man - Key - Letter - Snake - Storks
This looks like I will have many discussions about love with a social and reliable man, which will give me a message bringing a change my way.

I was not really longing for love. I fell in love, deeply and very passionately. I found someone (Rider) who is in a committed relationship(Ring) but I find a wonderful spiritual connection with this person. I had a choice, of getting into it or not, and I made my choice. The Rider was actually a man, and it made me make a decision. I did have a lot of messages and discussions with a man who unlocked things for me. I found the long awaited for change.

Anchor for Job:
Anchor is in its own house, emphasizing its imporatnce this month. Anchor is in fate line showing its something which is fated to happen.
On top it has Bear - Birds - Clouds, which tell me I will be having more than two employers, or boss. The choices will clear up soon enough. Clover will bring me success and Garden will bring me abundance. I think I will be having a job which is involved with non-verbal communication, and clearing up ambiguities, little paper-work since there is no document card near-by and dealing with public.
Using Counting : Mountain - Tree - Moon - Rider - Ship - Birds - Clover
There are long lasting delays and obstacles, till a successful messages comes from far away. There can be more than one message which will make me go away somewhere, I might have to travel, but there is success and luck in the end!

Anchor was telling me to find stability now. Its time to get disciplined and reliable instead of living a see-saw kind of life. There was confusions and confused communication about what I want to do about work. The job was described very very well in this area. There was little paper-work and more was interaction with public. I made a decision in the end, and ended up leaving it after one week only.

Ring for committed Relationship/marriage etc: 
Tree - Key - Flower on top is bringing an offer. Ring+Flower has always been my "marriage proposal" combo. In house of Ring is Storks, so there is something new in that area this month. The success is coming after a delay and this will make me happy. Key-Ring-Heart suggests there is success concerning getting in a committed love relationship. Flower-Rider-Cross shows there is an offer from a Man and its fated to happen. Storks - Key - Cross tell me the change will sure happen and its destiny. Tree-Heart-Flower tell me there is karmic love, which will come to me now.
Using Counting: Mice - Bear - Roads - Fish - Sun - House - Stars
There is revelation of strength which will make me take a decision which makes me independent and bring success and comfort to me, with lots of hope!

There was a big mark of destiny on my life this time. Tree was definitely a Karmic connection which we both feel. The word committed is not really true, but we both are deeply involved. Totally and devotedly. This is painful (Cross) but at the same time its fated (Key and Cross). I did decide to be strong, I feel secure and strong, I made my mind to stick to it for as long as I can. I won't give up on us at all.

For home environment:
Mountain is in house of House bringing blockages. I might face some stress in my house. Its sitting right on top, so there will be some pressures at home.There is stress due to a Man. Coffin-Flower-Rider tell me there has been an unpleasant event at home, which has created this stress. In future, there will be a man, the loyal one, the friendly one, looking for something. Snake-Fox combo tell me my mother probably help him find what he is looking for. Cards surrounding Snake are Bear and Owls which suggests ,my mother is the one.Man is someone who has had blockages in past and is now suddenly making some decisions about his studies. I think he is my younger brother. He has Scythe-Moon , unexpected success and honour for his future which is good.

I really have no idea who the man is. My brother has made no decisions this month. There had been a lot of stress in my house because of my grandmother's illness, but I don't know where she is shown in the spread.

I had intended to do a lot with this month's GT and I'm using methods like counting, projections etc this is why I won't be doing any extra daily and weekly draws this time.The next technique which I'm going to apply is Treppner's covering cards technique. It says we are to pick every fourth card out of the formation , so I will lay out the cards in a 9x4 layout for this. After picking out the cards and shuffle them. Leaving the picked up cards aside and analysing the 3 combinations, I find out following:
woman - Fish - Coffin = Financial worries for me
Lots of financial worries. 
Man - Scythe - Sun = A man suddenly making me happy.
He makes me so happy and so complete.
Tree - Key - Flower = The end of delays in success and happiness.
I feel happy after a very very long time now.
Dog - Moon - Letter = A romantic message from a friend/lover
There are so many , my message box is full.
Stars - Ring - Rider = A successful relationship with a man/ a contract coming my way
Very successful relationship I have got with him.
Fox - Lily -Mice = A dishonest man is under stress/ beware of a man who drains my energy. Drained of energy because of digging things out
I'm drained of energy because I don't know what to do. I have to make sure what I'm doing is right for me.
Storks - Heart - Cross = A fateful change in love life, which can bring sorrow too.
The word Fate is only thing that can explain this. This love has brought me happiness and sorrows at the same time.
Birds - Clouds - Whip = A conversation making it harder to discuss it

Roads - Clover - Anchor = A successful decision will bring stability

The Nine shuffled cards are then used to cover the card chosen to specify a matter. My questions are few in number, therefore, i will choose three cards per question
1. Will romantic love come my way?Snake- Bear - Ship, It looks like there will be ups and downs at personal level, I wonder if there is a female boss, but it looks like a No to me.

Well, I did fall in love. The only point is that the Snake is another woman, and I need to be strong.

2. Will I get a job in December?Mountain - Garden - House. There will be delay, but finally there will be comfort and partying in house.

I did get a job, and I was not comfortable with it, therefore, I ended up quitting after a very short while.

3. Will I make some money in December?Child - Book - Tower = It looks like there will be a small  money coming from a University. The scholarship !

Got it already!

These 9 cards are then put back together, shuffled, and spread out like following:


Tower-Garden-----------Ship--------------Mountain Bear

The Ship card is me, sailing free, looking for a harbor to stay and rest a little. This card shouts "MOVE" to me, move away from everything and find new shores to get to.
In the Head's positions I have Child-Book , I'm really concerned about learning some new stuff and my exams and project right now.
At my bottom, Snake - House looks like turmoil in my comfort zone. It speaks "Dance with me" to me :D
In present there is Mountain - Bear = I am stressed because things are being delayed.I'm being lazy too so it doesn't surprise me.
In Future , Tower - Garden looks like I'm finally being recognised and gaining popularity as I get myself in public.

I did find a place to work in the very last week of the month.

Week 1, December 1-7
Lady –- -Fish – -Coffin – Mountain – Man – ---Scythe – Sun – ---Book

This was lots of stress and worries because of what I was expecting did not arrive, yes the same phone call. During the later half of the week I was worried about my father, this is why Dog and House both are closer by him because he has been ill and not well at all. I'm pretty much worried about his health etc. He is in house of Tree, which enforces that its him. I hope he gets well soon. Besides that I have been having good time with everything else around.

Context columns: Lady - Tree - Stars - Storks
Woman has been worried about the path she wants to go to, or the new path she wants to find
Fish - Key - Ring - Heart
Have been waiting for financial independence achieved through a contract or a relationship, either way something should have been done in one area at least!

Week 2, December 8-15
Tree – ---Key ---Flower -- House -----Dog ------Moon --  Letter --Child

This looks like a week where long term illness ends well and there is an offer for some family member. I had a doubt that House+Dog is my brother, he's the friendly one. He just got an offer for job.
Its really amazing how it works. on day 13 I asked where am I in the GT and I got Key. I knew my grandmother is going to recover. The next day Flower-House-Dog-Moon part came true. Today I asked again where am I in my GT, I got Letter.I have been busy talking and preparing my documents today. So I'm expecting a new beginning tomorrow with Success.

Coffin +Flower +Rider +Cross
A good ending to a message that was fated
I guess this is referring to my call from the company.I was so badly waiting for this call.

Mountain +House +Snake+Bear
There was stress and burden in house due to my grandmother's illness and her recovery procedures.

Week 3, December 16-22

Stars—--Ring –- Rider-----Snake------Fox-------Lily-------Mice----Ship

Anchor as theme kept me busy with thinking (worrying) about my job mostly. A new inspiration was happening where another woman helped me knowing more about a man. This man Rider+Lily is an active, older, wiser guy, who is having a broken relationship (Ring+Mice) and is hoping for freedom (Stars+Ship) and these two women ended up helping each other (snake+Fox).

Why this happened?
Man - Dog - Fox - Birds
This man I know is talking to me a lot (man+Birds) which has led to our friendship becoming more of a looking out for each other (Dog +Fox). I do not think he is deceiving me.

Scythe - Moon - Lilies - Clouds
The confusions are clearing up, suddenly the romance and passion has started showing like a moon coming out of clouds.

Week 3, December 16-22
I had Garden as the theme for last month's last week as well and I was socializing a lot. Anchor+Garden could have been my workplace where I was interacting with lots of people. At the end of this year I'm constantly looking for socialising more and more.


The Change (Storks) in love (heart) was actually very very painful (Cross). I should have known this one. There is lots of communication regarding some decision-making during the week, while I was constantly not sure (Clouds) what to do and what not to. The week ended with leaving me feeling alone all over again. So much has happened during this one week I cannot tell anyone.

Sun + Letter + Mice + Whip
There was successful message but it was with holes in it. It was not what I could bear with, thus I ended up breaking away from the decisions I had taken in past.

Book + Child + Ship + Tower
Ship,Tower they sound like loneliness to me. Book+Tower can be my university. I'm planning on taking a whole new direction about my interactions with my university. In other words, I want to take my studies a lot more easy on me now.

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