Monday, December 12, 2011

An amazing experience!

I've been sleeping with cards under my pillow for a few days now. I'm practising with card combinations and for that I pull out two cards and study them putting them as 1+2 and then 2+1.

last night I was tempted to pull out three which were

Tree + Clouds + House

This looked like a health improvement (clouds clearing up towards Tree and darker side towards House). so to me it was , improving health, which unclears something in house. This was totally not making sense because my grandmother has been ill, and I thought it was pointing to her health improvement, so why would it bring troubles or unclear situation in my home/family?

In my sleep I saw a dream which was showing me three cards ; Dog +Tree + House.
This is an ill man in house, a doctor for someone in house, a doctor making house call. I decided to look into the matter.

I looked back to yesterday's draw and I was Snake+Tower.From last week's draw Scythe+Snake was her fall when she broke her leg. Snake + Tower was telling me to look into the matter of her back.The Tree+Clouds was referring to the revelation of the matter not improvement.

This morning we got her x-rays re-done and found out that we have been missing a major information. Not only did her joint got dislocated, her bone has a huge crack in it as well, which the other day was not clear in the x-rays and Dog + Tree + House was telling me to take her to a doctor because we are thinking her bone has been fixed while it hasn't been.

Update: We visited the doctor and he is positive she needs a surgery and there is no other possible way. Now my parents are not sure whether or not to get her surgery done because she is very weak-hearted and not willing for the surgery.

These cards have started amazing me now!

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