Friday, December 16, 2011

No Layout Reading

I have explained about the no-layout reading here. This draw I did for my brother who had a job interview. The hiring was on-spot so I knew I would get the results.Since its a permanent job therefore, I chose the significator Anchor for his job.

Q: Will he get this job at XYZ?
A: Man + Flower + Anchor + Ship + Lilies

The spread clearly says Yes. It looks like there will be a wiser man who will help or offer him.The Ship is appearing because his basic dealings will be with people from a far off . Not even a single negative card. 3 looks like a repeating number in 3 of the cards.I think he will get the offer.

Update:His interview went really well. He had lots of help from the guy who is a friend of mine and who referred him there and he has got an offer for joining. The 3 number was repeated because he will join in 3 days and his probation period is three months.

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