Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec 24-Dec30 Week Draw

Tree - Book - Anchor - Storks - Letter - Ring - Stars

The Storks in the middle tell me there is improvement and changes in life. These changes come with some document or a message. This change is related to a job/career.

I started a job this week and left right after two days because it was effecting my studies negatively. Thus the Book was my studies coming between my growth and my work. Book + Ring had two meanings this week, it was my commitment to my studies and a secret relationship as well.

First Half:
There looks like a work related to medicine and documentation. I'm starting my office training with this medical billing company on Monday so this is what is being referred here. I hope it does not mean a secret illness.
This looks like something that brings me new inspiration/hope for growth (Tree+Stars) with a contract (Book+Ring). This week surrounded by Letter and with Book it doesn't look like its a relationship. It speaks more like contract to me.

I was worried about my studies in the very first half of the week because full-time job and full-times studies are not something I can actually manage I guess.

Second Half:
Letter + Ring + Stars
This looks like a contract will be successfully signed. There is a new path starting right at the new year.This is an employment letter which gets a legal form(contract) and a long-term new path starts.

Communication between me and my sweetheart is going very well. I had the same combo Ring+Stars when we started dating and it actually serves us very well.

Very positive indication for the new year.
Adding 5+26+35+17+27+25+16 = 151 = 61= 7 = Snake , new twists and turns, or its simply my confident and courage this week.

I was not being half as courageous as I was supposed to be. I just couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to keep the job or quit it.

3 cards from Diamond Suite makes this an emotional week. The Queen of Hearts right in middle is catching my attention here.

Boy was I crying all week!

Happy New Year Every one!

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