Friday, December 2, 2011

new moon reading

I decided to do a one month reading using This deck.

 Q: What is the highlight event until next new moon?

 Moon - Lily - Stars - House - Whip  

my first impression "when the moon is waxing, or when it reaches a full moon, at night there will be an argument at home"  oh i see this one coming. so it will be around the full moon.  Treppner says: Its an encounter or support by an important man, a new start with family, luck in house, and there are conversations in the house/about house.  Using playing cards inserts there is superior suit of Hearts, which relates to emotions and feelings and relationships. The lily and House sounds like Father to me. The Moon and Stars both suggest success and honour, the Whip has been appearing a lot for me which stresses me out with Mars in Virgo, my Ascendant.

Update: With the Moon right at its fullest, there was lots of Stress in my house because of my grandmother's illness and she had a surgery which caused lots of disturbance at home. Lily+House is an older family member, Moon +Whip is conflicting emotions which I am facing right now.

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