Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 10 - Dec 16 week

Storks - Mice - Book - Scythe - Dog - Lady - Heart

Over all:
Scythe in the centre explains the surprises and unexpected stuff coming up this week. The Book -Scythe is repeated. It looks like a hidden danger from a female friend who is all lovy dovey.This danger will be revealed after I have paid attention and improved whats worrying me.
scythe+ Book = A secret is revealed.
Scythe + Dog = a friend in danger, a man in danger, a friend which one gets away from

Update: The Scythe in the middle has been pretty nerve-wrecking these days. My grandmother's x-rays were re-done and she's been having a surgery. Just today she was shifted to the I.C.U.

First Half:
Storks - Mice - Book =
Changes are stressful because some worries are revealed. i think its related to my exams.

Storks-Heart is exactly what I pulled last night while I was just playing around before going to sleep and pulled two cards. its also in my GT for December, I'm feeling like its being repeated too often.
Storks + Mice = negative change
Storks + Book = Changes after examination
Storks + Heart = Changes brought on by love

Mice + Book = no studying / apprenticeship, examination fails, a secret is revealed
Mice + Lady = woman is ill / worried

I'm pretty much nervous now because of the revelation about my grandmother's health. Some revelations that were not made last week are now surfacing and some unexpected, quick procedures were performed on her bone.
On a whole different level, I'm experiencing something entirely new with this new friend. I'm not sure we are going towards some romantic involvement but I do know that there are some mutual warm feelings.
I don't think I'll fail the exams but the stress seems to be related to not knowing what to expect in almost every area of life right now. Looking forward to the second half of the week which looks promising.

Second half:
Dog - Woman - Heart
A man and Woman are in love.
This is interesting.
Dog - Book tells me this is something about a friend what I don't know. Woman-Mice and this worries me, Heart-Storks but I will move on with a happy heart. This combo of Heart+Storks screams "a winged heart" to me, a happy, free heart.

Dog + Woman = a woman with a friend, a friendly woman, a female friend
Dog + Heart =loving friend
Heart + Storks = changes in feelings/love

it seems like a female friend is bringing some changes in my love for her. i wonder who this is or is it just myself here?

The woman. This was on spot. The lady was not me, it was a woman who has problems with her husband. Her husband is actually my friend. She has so many problems in their relationship but she is such a lovely lady and totally in love with the man but the man is not a good guy. I feel so much pity for her. This was the Friend with a secret, the secret being his dishonesty with his wife.The woman is not me, its her worrying about her husband's secret love affairs.

adding all the numbers I get 147 = 5+7 = 12- Birds which shows nervousness and communication for this week.

There have been soooo many phone calls and sooo many text messages I had to subscribe to 1000 texts a week to reply each and everyone of them.

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