Friday, December 2, 2011

Timing with lenormand

I wanted to test some methods specially with our readings thread on AT, therefore, I decided to do it for myself.
Q: When am I going to meet the man who is my next long-term serious romance?
A while ago I did the same using the same deck but with another method. This method is given in Treppner's course and it states that a card must be chosen in order to represent the matter and then whichever house the card falls in the 9x4 spread that is the time for that. I chose the Significator Heart for love, and started shuffling. When it felt right I dealt the cards. The Heart card fell in house of Lilies, that is number 30. The 30 is winters.
Now today I was focusing on the same question, using Andy's method given on his blog.
The card Lily and Ring fell out.I put the cards back and started shuffling. Dealt following five cards out:
Tree - Mice - Lily - Fox - Coffin

May - Soon, eating at delay - Winter - (N/A) - Scorpio (Oct-Nov)
The Tree shows delays, it always delays things for me, but the Mice is eating up the delay caused by Tree. The Lily is right in the middle again, so that means Winter. The Fox card is not used for timing and Coffin represents Scorpio Oct-Nov. We are already in the Scorpio and Winter period. Mice tells me its soon, I wonder if I have already met him *sheepish Smile*.
Q: When am I getting in my next committed relationship?
House - Ring - Dog - Birds - Fox

One month -   Apr-May -  N/A  - December or 2 - N/A
This December is Next Month. It looks very very promising now 8D. But how can it happen in one month I haven't even met him yet :s so I think House=1, Ring = Year, together they make one year. Birds say December or 2nd. This can be the 2nd December from today. I don't know why but this is the feel I get.
Q: When will I get a job?

Anchor - Scythe - Roads - Key - Tree
(3-5yrs) - (autumn) - (libra, sept-oct) -  (N/A) - May
Highly controversial Spread. I get a feel that if I do not make a decision soon its going to take a long time. Anchor and Tree both suggest delay and slow movement. The Scythe expects a sudden decision as to what I want to do and the key means the answer will come but a little late and with a delay. I often get a Tree in my job questions.
On to the timing thing, In Autumn I was presented with two different jobs opportunities. I have to choose one.  22 and 33 are master numbers and they are both present here side by side. I feel like the answer is not decided unless I take a decision.

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