Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where will I meet him?

After having used the Astrological houses to predict the location for something, I decided to give it another go with The Most Important Question About The One!

I have done a horary chart for this too, using the same technique. Those who are aware of the technique would know that first the house which represents that object is chosen, and then in whichever house the Lord of that respective house falls, represents the location. The result was 8th house. After doing that, I tried it with Tarot cards. The method I have used for this is explained here.
The result for both horary and Tarot reading gave me 8th house. I thought I should try this with these cards and see what I get. I chose the Man card as the significator. So after spreading the cards out, three in each position, I started looking for the Man card.I found him in the 6th house with Snake and Lady card. I knew my horary and Tarot cards couldn't be wrong, so what's in the 8th house? Before turning the cards over, I thought will I find the Dog card there? Wooah. Flower + Dog +Anchor in 8th house.

I come up with two explanations for this.
1). 6th house is:

Sixth - workplace
The workplace, doctors surgery, hospital, shops, restaurants. Inside something. Military base, co-worker's home, zoo.
The 8th house is:
Eight - water
Near water, bathrooms, waste disposal, surgery, operating rooms, mortuaries, banks, detectives, brothel

This looks quite interesting that both are talking about hospital and surgery rooms. So it can be a hospital and both Tarot and Lenormand cards are talking about it, in their own way.

2) My second explanation is, it is referring to two men. I'm being told that I might meet a man, but he won't be my significant other. My significant other would be someone still found in 8th house, but the man I can possibly be romantically involved with right after this is found in 6th House.

Looking at the cards separately, 

It can mean either I'll meet him when I will be with a woman (possibly my mother) or he is with another woman. Snake card can represent a rival or another woman in a relationship. She is standing right between me and him. The Snake card has often come up representing me, but here I don't feel like its me. I feel this is another woman.

Update December 20: I can't believe I was so on spot with interpreting this one. This is 100% right for me. I met this man, for whom I have developed some feelings, and he has for me, but he CAN NOT be my significant other, because he belongs to another woman. I just cannot believe my readings turned out to be so true! I met him because we both are registered with same institute of studies and we both were students at that time.
My cards have amazed me now!

Looking at the 8th house cards.
It is said that in a reading, for a married woman, the Dog can be husband instead of The Man card. This looks like a man who is pleasant and Stable. He is going to offer me friendship, loyalty and stability.

Which interpretation of mine is right , only time can tell me. But I'm ready to update this post as soon as I figure this out what it actually meant.

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