Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview day!

I wanted to give a try to the No-Layout message for once and I did that for my interview tomorrow.

The No Layout : Like the name suggests you do not lay the cards out.Yes! You just choose a card which best represents your subject (Book for studies, Man for significant other in case you're a woman, Heart for Love etc) you just shuffle them, and when it feels right, put the cards down and locate the significator.You can take out as much cards as 5 on either sides (if possible) and then interpret accordingly.

 I have actually never tried this method before, so I wanted to do my usual five-cards draw for it as well (Just in case). Here are the both spreads and I will update tomorrow!

Q: How will my Interview tomorrow go?

No Lay Out: I have chosen Birds for this since they have already represented interviews for me, I just don't know it just felt right for me.

Sun + Birds + Moon +Fox + Bear

Why isn't the Birds card in middle? because it was almost at the end. Sun card shows it will be a success. Sun is my card of optimism and energy. Moon +Fox+Bear however make me a little cautious of the Boss/employer. It looks like he will be a bit cautious. He might be appreciating me just apparently while actually he wouldn't be very sure about me.
Adding all: 104 = 14 = Fox
This tells me to be cautious and sniff out the grounds before saying anything during the interview.

Update: This was really nice day because the interviewer was a charmer, and it went better than what I expected. The Fox was telling me to check my documents before going because I left the most important document at home and I had to take the interview without it .It was embarrassing. 

The Five Cards Draw:
Mice - Sun - Key - Ship - Scythe

The Mice +Scythe and Scythe +Mice are possibly just showing me that my worries will dissolve away. The Sun card has appeared again and this time with Key, so this looks like its a definite success. The cards to right of Mice are what is revealed.
While drawing cards, an extra card came in my hand, which was the Stars card. I once had this experience before too, so I take the extra card as the final answer. The Stars here show me this is going to be a great success.
Adding all: 100=1-Rider
There will be a news or the interview will go quite faster than  expect.

Update: The Interview went faster yes, it was like very short interview since they didn't had to ask me about lots of stuff, my CV was impressive enough (and so am I ). Everything was in place except for the small nervous part of me that left me with dried lips during the interview. I impressed pretty much a lot though!The 3 number repeating is probably telling me I will get a call in three days.

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