Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Timing spread-update

Deck: Blue owl

Q: When will I get the call for the xyz bank's written test?
I have to take this test to reach the final interview. They told me the test is conducted by third party and the date is decided by that institute which takes the test. So its delay at their end.

Storks - Fox - Ring - Man - Stars

no cards for communication/call/message. The storks "brings" something and has been appearing a lot in my readings.The Fox can be the situation related to Job. The Man+Ring, Storks is straight from my GT 's 4th line, Stars diagonal to him. i wonder who he really is.

The Ring in the middle tells me there are cycles for the tests they conduct. so may be the batch they have put me in is not complete yet and they are looking for more candidates to fill the batch (Fox).I just don't understand the Ring+Man is giving me a totally different feel.

Storks: Next. [Storks+Ring can be next batch/next round,]
Fox : N/A
Ring: Taurus, Apr-May
Man : N/A
Stars : Aquarius, Jan-Feb

ok what is going on really? It cant be that late. They do not need that long to put me on a list.

Update: All along the Ring+Man was giving me a different feel, like the key man has been unavailable or busy and this is where the delay has been originating from.
The Fox was telling me to dig the matter. and It was right. The very next day I rang them to ask and they told me that the man who had to approve my application was gone on honeymoon and will be back next week. This is why the Ring+Man was catching my eye. The Storks+Fox tells me to find next, and for timing I get Storks +Ring = Next Year and Stars is Aquarius, Jan-Feb. This fits because now it will be after the winter and new year holidays. I should wait till January.Its true that its all about what feel you get from the spread instead of the spread or combinations, they are there just to help.

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