Friday, November 4, 2011

November week 2

This is going to be my 6th week using this technique.
I'm using Red owl with English verses and Radiant Rider-waite for this week.

Lenormand Deck:
Storks - Sun - Child - Clover - Heart - Dog - Fish

This is second week with Dog appearing. The clover in the middle tells me this is a great week with success and luck, no matter even if it is small. Some immature or naive matter, in terms of love, is going to have luck. I wanted to see growth in this spread, but  don't see. Storks tell me there is going to be a great happy change. The Sun is brightening things up in first half of the week.Child tells me there can be new friends and new things sprouting out.Heart and dog together are a great combination of love and trust.Fish next to Dog tells me there is a deep soul mate connection.

First half of the week:
Storks - Sun - Child
There will be an improvement towards something new. Very optimistic successful spread.
Storks + Fish = Improved feelings. change coming up to surface
Sun + Dog = success with a friend/lover
Child + Heart = a woman in love

Second half of the week:
Heart - Dog - Fish
love and trust will surface up. There is a deep soul mate connection kind of feeling in this spread.
Heart + Child = an immature love
Dog + Sun = an energetic /successful friend
Fish + Storks = Confusions finally sorting themselves out

Base card Anchor talks about stability, determination and stagnation. I think what I require is finally coming around.
Adding Numbers: 13-Child, the emphasized part of the week is new beginnings, new relationships.

Tarot Deck:
Queen of Cups - 8 of Cups - High Priestess - Page of Pentacles - The Lovers - Queen of Swords - 10 of Wands

Base; Strength
Adding numbers: 9 - Hermit

8 of cups is appearing for me for third week in a row now. I can see that the weeks begins with me going on a new emotional journey which leads me to look into myself at a deeper level. I would analyze things, rather be mesmerized by them. This would lead to me looking at love with a whole new perspective, with more mental clearing and by the end I will head home, gathering whatever I needed.

The Strength Card, like Anchor card is making me very very strong this week. The Hermit is about inner self's search . Search for trust what I will get.

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