Friday, July 13, 2012

Answer Spread with Lenormand

I did this answer spread reading in the first week of May 2012. I was not sure how the spread is going to pan out in future but it seems like a good idea to put it up now.

Answer Spread
Q: What should I do in order to attract the right kind of relationship?

The two cards on the left indicate past influences, or the premise of the question.
Stars - Coffin is a place where you have lost hope, and honestly, when you lose hope you are like half-dead already. Hope is the essence of life, it keeps you going, you always strive because you know at the end of the day its going to be ok. In my past experiences and specially my really bad relationship being over and me getting nothing out of it and then for 3 years I was trying to find it again, to feel that way again, but it just did not happen. It seemed like I had given up on idea of love. The Stars-Coffin was my hope of being in love, or even feeling it again failing. So actually I was just trying to ask if I will ever start believing in love again.

The two cards in the middle indicate present influences, and answer the question.
Key - Scythe shows that some really important "surgical procedure" is going on where I'm cutting off from the negative aspects. I'm taking some sudden decisions which are really important. The Key indicates that I'm at a really important point in life.

The two cards on the right indicate future influences, or contributing factors.
Well, this looks like falling in love with a friend. 
Here is the link to the GT from May 2012 and you can see the diagonal in future cards, yes...Heart + Dog

And it turned out to be just that. If you guys remember we had Venus Retrograde in May2012 and that was precisely the time when this friend, who made a re-entry in my life and just the day when Venus turned retro, I felt a shift in my feelings towards him. I was and am scared if the shift was because of Venus not acting sober, but the retro has been over and my doubts were nothing. 

I just wanted to share, you guys know how much I love to share when a reading of mine manifests *show off*

Here is an update after 8 months. The Key always tells us what is important & what must come to pass. The key also represents solutions. The Scythe is the card which clearly means cutting off or getting rid of. The combo Key + Scythe on its own says "must get rid of". Scythe is also Jack of Diamond which represents a really aggressive person who is also blunt. 
That time when I posted this spread, I was single & not seeing anyone. I realised I had to get rid of the negativities in my life & most importantly my blunt nature where I quickly, and fairly quickly become judgemental.After this draw, the cards for future influence actually turned out to be pretty accurate *winking & skipping details*


  1. I was looking to these cards trying to connect their meanings to your is my insight
    So the answer is in the middle:what you can do to attract the right partner in your life
    The Keys - shows secrets and problems.If you want to know how to solve a specific problem, find the key.The key opens doors and gates. You can find secrets, find the right way and you can get background information. The key shows events that sure can come to you and it reveals what is slumbering deep in your heart.
    The Scythe points to take decission:to remove what represents obstacle.The Scythe card is forcing you to really take a look at what just left your life permanently,often in our lives the release of challenging situations or people is welcome. The Karma has been played out and there is no point learning the same lessons over and over. If you have gotten to the stage of recognizing Karmic undertones in some of your experiences you will understand this.
    As contributing factors:open your heart and keep your faith (Dog card).The Positive prevails at the Dog card advises you, to stay faithful to your instincts.Your right partner is there,he will come but you must understand the role of Scythe card.

  2. Kali

    Thank you for your insight. Yes I can totally relate to what the Scythe is talking about and it was very important for me so the Key is understandable. I guess it was the best advice the cards have given me. I've come a long way and now. Thank you for your comments on this one :) much appreciated

  3. hi, how did your answer spread came out ?

    1. Hi Janis

      Thank you so much for making me realise I didn't look at this post in a long time.
      Yes, it came true, now that I'm looking at it.

      Just updating the post now :))