Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 30 forecast! (Updated)

Does not look like a good week at all. There are problems, worries, the Cross-Coffin combo and negative cards like Whip and Fox.

The Fox as theme card suggests this week I need to stay warned about betrayals and lies.

The Cross and Coffin are surrounding the Fox which looks like something bad to me.

Since the Coffin comes after the Fox, I believe some lies and betrayals will end. The Fox is after Cross which makes these important.

Left arm:
Tower - Child - Cross
This looks like an organization to do with children, a youth welfare org or a school which is under trouble. The Tower-Cross is not good because it adds an element of problem with authority.

This turned out to be my supervisor finally saying he has no time to take a look at my project's prototype. This actually gives me a problem when for the first time I'm presenting an unchecked project to the panel and i have no clue if its up to the mark. Too bad!

Right Arm:
Coffin - Whip - Flowers
This looks like some troubles ending and then cheerful conversations by the end of the week.

The trouble and the hurtful discussions are over now I guess. There have been lots of discussions whatsoever, and I feel glad I had them.

Over all it looks as bad as it can get.

There are 2 6s = malicious actions / Kapherus = things coming together
and 2 9s= some money received / Kapherus = higher education

The malicious actions I heard about someone spreading some bad words about someone very dear to me, they did not even have a reason for this. No money received :(

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