Friday, July 6, 2012

Where is he busy tonight?

So this person I'm wondering about has been off since morning today and its very unusual for him. I just wanted to know what my cards say because I will ask him eventually and see how it matches my reading.

Q: Where is he busy tonight?
A:Tower as theme card tells me either he is at office (he is a Government Official) or he is alone and just cutting off from me.

Key-Anchor = This looks like he is busy with his work today. Something important about his work.
Clover-Heart = he is having luck with whatever he is doing.

Key - Heart = he is busy with something that is close to his heart
Anchor - Clover = lucky at work

Other Combinations:
Key-Tower = important task which needs to be done alone
Key-Clover = definite success

Tower - Key = success with authorities
Tower - Anchor = work place
Tower- Clover = success with authorities
Tower- Heart = coldness from love

I gather he is busy with his work so much he is just not in a mood to talk to anyone.

Update: This turned out to be his work & some personal matters he had to take care of. I ended up having a huge argument with him "how long does it take to type a text message saying "I'M busy" but he is the Tower-Heart kind of guys AKA workaholic. My idea was right, he was actually busy with work.


  1. Hi Alyna,
    The Cabinet is down so I didn't know if you got my reply :) Thanks so much for the insightful reading!

    I don't know what this guy does for a living but I"ve seen where Tower Heart can be a charitable organization, or some sort of corporate giving, maybe even preparing matching funds for a tax break or for an employee 401K or pension. It could also be read "Tower Clover Heart" in that it is an Irish or Scottish company who is giving something, or an Irish company that he likes working for a lot. Would love to know the outcome :) Does he know you have a blog? LOL!

  2. hi Michelle

    He works in finance in a govt organization so you were right about funds and tax and pensions stuff. The financial year has ended and now they have to sum it up for the annual audit. No the blog is my little secret shhhhhh :p