Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Combinations which make sense!

This post includes some of the three cards dailies which have been very accurate for me:

Heart - Dog - Ship

A friend you love is travelling

Coffin - Man - Mice

You feel depressed because of a man and you uselessly worrying about him.

Bear - Heart - Mice

What does not kill you makes you stronger. Your heartache can be your biggest strength.

Clouds - Letter - House

One email you forward to two men, and this email clarifies something which was uncertain before.

Ship - Key - Clouds

You know what you have to do, you just don't know if its what will work.

Mountain - Lilies - Moon

A man emotionally shuts himself and you are left wondering what went wrong. Be very careful.

Flower - Scythe - Tree

A lady and a man are happy because they move out of their home and basically they cut from their roots (family) and this gives them joy (Flowers).

Sun - Key - House

Most amazing feeling of being happy and content.

Child - Flower - Coffin

A young woman who was happy before, feels like its ending now.

Birds - Moon - Mountain

A busy day. No time for chit chat or expressing yourself what so ever.

Stay Tuned for more....

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