Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Result day!

What is the worst part of taking an exam? Getting the result (story of a student).

My friend's result is going to be announced tomorrow, matters a lot to him so he asked me if he will get anything good to tell

reading for result day

Tower as the middle card looks good, specially with Book, it means the university. There are Flowers on the other side. Tower means official or authority but it also means independence and self-reliance.

Lilies - Flowers means a head-to-head or lots of happiness and harmony.
Flowers - Tower is promotion in my LWB
Tower - Book  is my combination for University and
Book - Ship is a change not known yet.

So basically I see excitement he is anticipating an improvement and there is coming a change, of permanent nature, which is not revealed yet.

Other combinations:
Lilies - Tower = Excitement with work, official man
Lilies - Book = a man who has well-learnt
Lilies - Ship = a change for a man, a man travelling

Flowers - Book = surprise
Flowers - Ship = great happiness on the way

I gather he will not exactly have a great news to tell but he might get a few papers passed to tell. Bottom line, he won't be the happiest with his result, but he will get lost of inspiration, excitement, happiness and motivation to re-appear in those he couldn't get through this time.

There are two 10s in this reading, and both two tens usually mean a change of scene, a move.

Say good luck to my friend!

Update: I was very right in this. He is not the happiest with his result, but he has been motivated on a different level for taking another stab at it. It was exactly how I put it. Not what he wanted to know, but not exactly worst of the times too.

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