Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 28 Updated

I'm so sorry for putting this up in the later half of the week. My schedule has been kind of busy.

Weekly Draw Week 28
The Sun as the theme card looks very good since I was facing setbacks in plenty of things, specially regarding my studies and my project. The good news is that my project is almost complete and 80% work has been completed. My preparation for my exams is also like 80% complete. But then the Mountain came in play and my 20% work has been postponed because of this Man (Lilies) who is my partner at work with project. This guy is having some issues because of which the 20% work has been delayed.

I hate delays!

Sun + Ship = Wonderful movement/change
Sun + Lady = woman of honesty, sign of great success for Lady
Sun + Child = purity of thoughts
Sun + Mountain = distant and difficult success
Sun + Lilies = spirituality
Sun + Anchor = success is guaranteed

This tells me that this is a mixed week. There are good things, a lot of success with things but there are some issues, probably in later half of the week which demand I turn to spiritual faith and put the power of faith at work and then there is a guaranteed success.

Left Arm:

Ship + Lady + Child
Trip or a big change for a woman who is child-like

I think it was referring to my childish attitude this week. The change was mostly positive, related to the work I had hoped I'd complete and I did.

Update: Since the time I pulled this card, I was thinking the lady is not me. and it turned out to be true. This Lady is a female relative , with two kids, and she has gone travelling.

Right Arm:

Mountain - Lilies - Anchor

There are blockages and delays because of this man 's work which is delaying my work as well.Mountain-Lilies is also unattainable ideals. and Lilies-Anchor is also nobility and eternal values. This means something I'm looking for, I just can't have them.

There are two aces, this week. Two Aces mean Leadership and Authority in Kapherus' cartomancy system.

Update: I was going to have my project running this week, and this thing has been delayed beyond my worst imagination. Now the latest plan this developer has given me is to finish it by 9pm today. I'm hopeful but there have been unnecessary delays. I really hope they turn out very well.The last card is Anchor which means security and comfort so I'm hopeful, yet!

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