Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 31 predictions (Update)

Time flies!!!

Week 31 Predictions with lenormand
The middle card this week is Stars which is the card of hope, faith, analytical and guidance. This card looks great for the theme after the last two hectic weeks I've had. This week I look inspired in a positive way because of presence of Storks right next to Stars.

Left arm:
Clouds - Rider - Birds
I see a confused or a bad news coming through phone call or unclear messages or news which worries me. This can be from a man (King of Clubs). The Rider represents card and vehicles too so this can be something wrong with the car too.

Other combinations:
Clouds - Snake = a couple, a complicated man, complication unseen
Rider - House = a news or visitor comes to the house
Birds - Storks = worries fly away, improvised thinking.

Well the situation which had been sickening worrisome in last two weeks between me and close friend has finally come to resolution. We had some mixed, confused, ambiguous exchange of text messages but soon everything was clarified. Its all sunny now.

Right arm:
Storks - House - Snake
Three court cards. The King and Queen of Storks is a couple and the Queen of Clubs is the third woman I believe. There is a complication at home because of a move or a relocation involving two woman and a man.It can also be relocation or renovation at an elder lady's home which goes the unpredictable way.

Storks - Birds = changes that bring worries
House - Rider = Conversations/news at home or about home. Visitors
Snake - Clouds = unpredictable complication/woman

Update: Thanks God thanks God and Thanks to God, things are a lot better from last week. The major problems which I was facing last week are pretty much on way towards resolution. Thanks to Two Kings in the spread. I have written that King and Queen are together here followed by Snake which can be a third woman. I have no clue if some hidden stuff is going on, but me and a really important man are facing some complications. 
Besides that last month a couple moved out, from my grandparent's home. This has been badly upsetting my grandmother. 

Other combinations;
Two Kings & Two Queens:
 cartomante's cabinet: agreements, favours & female friends

Kapherus' meanings:
Man in uniform, shaking hands
sharing confidences and gossip

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