Monday, July 9, 2012

Sabian Symbol Pisces 19



Instruct, a verb which means Direct or command someone to do something, esp. as an official order. Has anyone noticed that the word used in this symbol is not "teach" but "instruct". What is the difference? The difference is the liberty and freedom which is given to the student or the disciple to be creative on their own too. Teacher teaches something, gives you the set rules and set directions, while instructor gives you a guideline, a way, a map and he trusts you with rest of the stuff being handled on your own.

Apart from that, this symbol is mainly about sharing the knowledge. There are only two states in which you can stay, either you are a teacher, or you are a learner and this goes on all your life. You learn or you teach. We all are playing either of the two roles at any given time in our lives. Knowledge is not something you can, or should, keep to yourself. It is rather something which we must share, because it increases when it is shared.

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