Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Draw July 4th

Weather : Partly Cloudy
Mystical Lenormand Daily Draw July 4th
Cards: Sun - Mountain - Ring
Key Card: Sun
Key words: success, luck, happiness, optimism, heat
Prediction: I did not want to look at Sun as something bad, but the way we have a really high temperature outside, even before I turned the card up, I knew the heat was going to be intolerable for next few days. I have a low tolerance for heat, my skin reacts badly. I was still tempted to look at it as several layers.

  • For one, the heat will be intolerable(Mountain) and it will last quite a while (Ring).
  • Second, Success in some matter, will be delayed, so will be hard to get (Mountain), but when it comes, its going to last for a while (Ring)
  • Success/Happiness regarding a relationship/connection (Ring) will be delayed for unknown period of time (Mountain-Ring).
The cards I pulled from Mystical KipperKarten  are 16-Thoughts 25-High Honours 34-Work/occupation
This shows that today my thoughts will be mainly focused on recognition and success(Sun) which is totally related to my project which has been represented by Ring in Lenormand readings.

What Happened in relation to cards: This turned out to be delayed success regarding this work of my project which was contracted out. I had to wait full 6hours for the stuff to be integrated together and it has not yet started running, but at least I have it in hands now. so it was a mix of both my observation number 2 and 3.

Observation:Card 1 is always the key. Card 1 and Card 2 tell which card is about and Card 2+3 is "sometimes" an extra factor to be considered.

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