Friday, July 20, 2012

New Moon Reading July 2012 (Updated)

Because I was out of country last month, I skipped my new Moon reading. This time the Moon is in my 12th house, a time for inner reflection.

Here is the spread for what is coming up till next new moon

New Moon July 2012
The theme or focus is a relationship or a contract. The trigger is Coffin. An ending or a worry is making me concerned about a particular connection or a contract.
This is not happy sign at all.

The four corners give us a concern or issue:
Coffin - Anchor tells there is a pain or an ending related to work. I take Anchor as daily routine because I don't have a job. The daily grind is becoming painful. Whip-Snake is an eloquent man. This person is some one who is making things tough for me. There is a persistent pain or worry related to complicated discussions  between a man and a woman. I guess it can be between me and the project partner or it can be me and this really important romantic interest.

What will happen:
Ship - Lilies - Ring - Moon - Clouds I see a movement and a change with this man and this relationship which is more based on strong attraction and thing will clear up soon. The Clouds card is important because the lighter side of Clouds towards Moon shows feelings will soon be clear enough. Ring-Moon and Ring-Lilies shows a strong sexual attraction. The Clouds can be an ex- coming back in the picture. I feel there is a change or problem coming up involving another man.
Lilies as person card is usually an important male in querent's life and Clouds is usually an ex male. The presence of Snake card adds to this, it is practically a love triangle, where Snake is the lady between King of Spades and King of Clouds.

Columns and Diagonals:
Past: Coffin - Lilies - Snake
There has been a short term problem or an ending because of a man and a woman because there was an upheaval between them. Lilies-Snake can be upheaval.

Present: Ship - Ring - Clouds
The change or the movement involved in the relationship/contract is seeing rough times right now. The direction is not clear.I can assign this to contract as well since I'm having no clear answer from the developer.

Future: Whip - Moon - Anchor
There will be some discussions at night which will put things back to stability. We can say there will be success because Anchor is the final card and the Moon and Ring add stability to this card even though the Clouds add a certain level of ambiguity.Whip + Moon can be emotional discussions and Moon - Anchor is stable emotions.

There are two 10s in this reading which means a change of scene or holiday, yes after my exams I am having free time on my own and Two Kings show agreement or favour. I'm looking forward to that.

Good luck to everyone for the new Moon!

Full Moon Update:

The things which start at new moon see their peak during full moon. The things started getting too rough in both terms of an important connection and a software contract I had. The men involved in both situation were acting shaky (Lilies and Clouds with Snake). I have had my fair share of troubles during first two weeks of the new moon and now things have started to settle down. I have already discussed the matter with both men involved in the two situations represented by same card 25-RING in this reading. There have been some serious discussion, some even got heated up (11-WHIP&Rod) but I see stability within next week of this full moon.

Update on Next new moon:

Ok The Whip came in as a heated discussion I had with the developer. He was fixed that I don't get his point and I was fixed that I just want him to fulfil his part of the deal & I don't care about rest of stuff. Things are pretty stable now (Anchor) but there are still unclear situation and uncertainty (Moon-Clouds). My reputation is still at stake.

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