Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thoughts of Ex-lover

Line of Five has always been a favourite of mine because of its simplicity and to the point answer. Sarah has been in a relationship for about a year now but these days specially she finds herself thinking about her ex lover with whom she has not been in touch for about 2 years now. They broke up 4 years ago so there is no chance for them to be back together yet she finds herself wondering, rather wishing if he will message her someday. Her question is: why am I still thinking about him?

Dog - Rider as the first two cards, confirm that her thoughts are on this guy from past.Dog-Mountain, this person is someone with whom things were not easy or we can say telepathy is at work and this guy is in problem. Dog- Heart shows she is still having feelings for him and she is still in love with him, at least a part of her is. Dog - Letter shows we can expect a message from him. May be just a friendly message.

Rider - Mountain is news not coming, this news can be something from far away, since both Rider and Mountain sound "foreign". This guy from past lives far away, so may be she needs to just hear from him. Rider-Heart , yes she needs to hear from this person because she is still having a soft corner for him in her heart. Rider - Letter = a document, probably an email, will come by from this person.

Mountain - Dog she worries about this person . Mountain- Rider this person has caused some blockages in her life. Mountain - Heart the blockages are related to the matter of expressing love. Mountain - Letter there is no message, news from this person.

Dog - Rider is a friend who is coming over, or thoughts on a friend and Heart-Letter reflecting it says that there is a desire to send a message to this person.

Middle card answers the question, Mountain, blockages, delays and stress. She needs to release her feelings of love towards him, probably by writing to him since writing is one of the best therapies I have tried, specially in cases like this. Once she releases what she is holding inside, she will stop thinking about him.

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