Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 29 predictions!

Week 29
The middle or theme card is Mice, which is very accurate here. I have been having so many worries these days. Its like everything is just happening at full speed and at the same time.

Mice as the middle card is also the card of worries, theft or loses. I have no idea how I will deal with this but its happening, that bit I can tell.

Mice eat what is to the left and as a result you lose what is to the right. Here the Mice will eat at my shrewdness and as a result I will find myself indecisive.In case of negative cards, it eats the negativity. Fox is negative, so it is advantageous in a way.

Fox - Mice - Roads = lies are revealed and this will lead me to a decision point.

Left arm:
Dog - Whip - Fox
This looks like a friend who is argumentative and liar. I can totally get this one. I think I already know who this person is.

Update: It turned out to be a big time argument/fight/heated discussion between me and a friend when he accused me of something and then he said he meant it as a joke. I refused to believe that was just a joke. Then we ended up giving each other worst time by not taking each other's calls or replying the other person's messages.

Worst feeling ever!

Right Arm:
Roads - Rider - Book
A journey made because of my studies or for knowledge.Since my exams are going on so this one makes sense too.

Things have gone worst between me and that friend from the other half of the spread. Besides that my project has started working I just can't believe my luck right now. Its so great. There are options now and I can definitely make a movement forward with my project which is often represented by Book in my GT.

Other combinations:
Dog - Book = a person who is well-educated is argumentative (Dog-Whip) and worries me (Mice).
Whip - Rider = work out, jogging, discussing a news, regarding a false argument (Whip-Fox).
Fox - Roads = A smart choice which leads to revelations of lies (Fox-Mice). This decision involves a lady who is smart or probably a liar too. (Q of Diamonds).

I have two 9s and two 10s and I have had these two so often. In kapherus cartomancy system they mean travel within city and higher studies. Like I said I have exams so I have to go to other part of city everyday.

The meanings given on cartomantes Cabinet they mean A change of scene and some money received. I have not received any money (umm, no) and I don't see any change of scene yet...:(

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