Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Month Analysis for May 2012

I always take a look at the cards which appeared the most in my daily draws and then I look at them in my GT to see if they were connected to me in any way or anything major.

The First qualifier for this month is Flowers with 6 appearances.

In the GT here: The card Flowers lie in the house of 15 Bear. Bear and Flowers is usually a generous present. The cards which are closer to Flowers are Ship, a gift,surprise from far away, from a lady (Snake). This was the present which travelled half the way around the globe and reached me this month. I was the present of these adorable oracle deck and the book which I won in the giveaway on Saturness' blog.

Other cards with equal number of 5 appearances each are Sun, Bear, Lilies and Cross.

Sun is in house of Whips which increases the heat, specially it needs for one to hit the gym, just to cool oneself off. In house of Sun is Bear, so this creates lots of heat. Imagine the temperature outside. The Sun is the card for success, luck, warmth and also source of energy. I really really need to hit the gym, just to sweat so much that I cool down.

Bear and Lilies are next to each other and they have Dog closer to them. This was about a very important friend who is both round and chubby and older and wiser.

Cross, the card which made so many appearances last month. This card lies directly next to me with Key. The Cross lies in the house of falseness, there were some false lies and betrayals which had to be taken card of and I did. Cross reflects Sun, Tree and Roads thus, it was something which had to be done for my own well-being and good. 

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