Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 24 & 25

I will not be able to do any kind of daily or weekly readings for next two weeks, therefore, I decided to pull out 7 cards for my next two weeks.

Week 24 and 25
Theme card: Letter
Key words: Information, mail, email, document

The Letter as theme card is telling me I need to check my email regularly something important shall be coming up. The Letter - Moon tells me that its a letter about some honour, recognition, or the project approval *fingers crossed*. The Coffin on the other hand is making me worried.

Left arm, week 24:
Stars - Snake - Coffin

Not liking this at all. Snake has represented my mother in many draws and the Coffin next to this can be she falling ill. Not a good sign. The Stars-Snake tell me there is a new path, new hope arising, but its not as straight as I think its is. There are twists which will not last long when the Coffin will end them.

Right arm, week 25:
Moon - Sun - Garden
I have had Moon - Sun before too in a reading and I saw that manifesting as lot of satisfaction and emotional content. The Garden in the end shows a busy period.
Moon-Coffin is my depression combination. Garden-Stars is a spiritual group. We will see how it manifests.

There are two 8 in this reading, which show good time, pleasure and fun time. This is supported by Sun-Garden.

Update: This was one hell of a ride for me. I had so many problems and so many good things happened in just few days that I'm literally exhausted. The theme card was Letter, which represents some information, but I remember another word used for Letter which is superficial. I came to learn about some really hard aspects of life when some people around me who were accompanying us on the trip showed their true faces. This was the Snake -Coffin thing because my mother actually fell ill. She is not good with handling tensions.The project approval I wrote about was actually temporarily approved. 
The Second half manifested as the satisfaction I got. It was very pure, satisfying and some really awesome moments of my life. Garden-Stars was the spiritual group we met there, Sun-Snake, some good days and some bad days, and Moon-Coffin = Depression which I did experience a lot many times.

Home sweet Home!!!


  1. Reading your spread, it came to my mind that the combination Letter + Moon could be an invitation to some event... I don't know why I had this impression, but I decided to share nonetheless, even though I am not good with Lenormand!

    I hope this reading is showing that your spiritual group will help you to deal with any bouts of depression that you may have! You'll have support!

    Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks Saturness, I will keep that in mind. :)

      God Bless