Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grand Tableau for June 2012 (Updated)

GT for June

First Cut:

Ship - Snake - Sun

Travelling with a woman (mother or an older woman) towards South, or towards a warmer place.

This was sort of expected. I went with my mother to a warmer place.

First Three cards:

Lady - whip - Flowers

A lady is disputable
Cheerful conversations

An argumentative lady is having cheerful conversations.

I have had my fair share of both. I did enjoy some awesome moments and I did have some outbursts of anger as well. I literally had many troubles just because I overreacted.

Four Corner cards, theme of the reading:

Lady - Clouds - Heart - Child

Lady is confused because of this new love.
Which new love, I have no idea but I do find myself confused right now.

This is one aspect I did not want to discuss because I was actually very very confused because of a new romantic interest developing. The reason was because it re-started or re-initiated during Venus Retrograde. Like it is said that Venus Retrograde is not a great time to start a new romance, so I was worried if the feelings will last even after the planet goes straight.

Past, Present, Future:

Since I do not have any past cards in this spread since I'm in first house. This puts me a lot in control this month.


Lady - Anchor - Book - Child
Lady is stable and determined about her studies.

I was very very determined to get everything in order even though I was supposed to be on a vacation. It did require lots of courage and solid determination.


Lady - Whips - Flowers - Dog - Storks - Cross - Ring - Heart

Lady is having discussions, hopefully cheerful ones, with a friend who is bringing a change which MUST happen. With Cross I have learnt that it tests us, puts us through the worst but its always a big lesson you learn out of it. To the other side of the Cross lie Ring+Heart which assure that once I pass this test, on the other side there is promising love and affection.

I have had my Cross moments in last 2-3 months. Some really tough ones. The Ring-Heart actually made me feel very committed and in love with spiritual/religious aspects of my life. I feel renewed. The Dog-Storks must be pointing to this friend, who all of sudden became somehow more important than before.

Lady - Fox - Rider - Mice - Clover
Lady is being deceptive with the messages that are bringing worries and as a result there are some lost opportunities.

I cannot believe how truly I interpreted this. I was being deceived, I was being cheated, and I lost, wasted my precious time because of these people who were deceiving me.The Fox next to me was telling me to be smart, act shrewd and keep my eyes open.

Fate Line: What is set in motion:

Lilies - Coffin - Clover - Ship

Loss of peace and harmony, no sex life, while the trip is successful. Luck and opportunities are found while travelling.

Loss of peace and harmony, so true. My peace was put to grave during this trip. Yet I did find some cherish able moments on this trip. The Clover came after the Coffin, so after the tough times, there was a ray of hope.

Lilies - Coffin (Moon - Mice ; Storks - Cross)
Feeling restless because of depressive feelings and changes not happening. What would be more depressing for an Aries than no change happening.

I now know what change was being referred to. This change not happening or putting me to test was so depressing. 

Clover - Ship (Garden - Snake ; Flowers - Dog)
Luck and opportunities are found on a trip while there is a lady around me, a friend possibly, who presents with an invitation or a gift. Snake has represented my Mother often in GT, so I'd say things will run smooth between both of us for a while.

In my journal I have written Garden-Snake as a troubled group, or troubled environment. It was actually very complicated for me and it required lots of patience. The only good part was my sweet brother around me who was with me through good and bad.

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