Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daily Draw June 05, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Book - Tower - Moon

Key Card: Book

Key words: education, project, secret, learning

Prediction: The Book is the card which represents my studies and specially my Final Year Project. The Tower with the Book represents either my university (I'd prefer Tower-Book for that) or self-study or independent study mode. On the other hand Book-Tower could mean a secret which will not be revealed.
Tower-Moon is an institute which deals with public matters or recognized institute.

A long-standing secret about a well-known institute.

An independent learning about an institute which deals in public matters

Success with the project/document after independent work is done.

What Happened in relation to cards:
I could not possibly place this one today. I have no idea what this daily draw was referring to. I had to go to university but I could not because I was busy with work stuff. The Moon in the end is showing otherwise because Moon means success. Besides that I was discussing the University policies with a friend today.

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