Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daily Draw June 1, 2012

Weather : Clear
Daily Draw June 1, 2012
Cards: Letter + Child + Storks

Key Card:Letter
Key words: email, message, mail, information

Prediction: The Letter is usually a document received, an email, a text message with some sort of news. Here with Child and Storks I'm sure its a message or a news. The Letter's modifier is Child, so the news is about a Child, or a young lady. The Other modifier is Storks, so this news is about a move or a change. The Child and Storks is a combination for pregnancy.

What Happened in relation to cards: All day long I was expecting to hear about someone's pregnancy and I did not find a single clue to this daily draw, until I watched the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother. Lily is pregnant and Marshal is going to be a dad yay. Besides that I did receive a disappointing email from my university professor which stated he did not get my email with the coding files. Google sent the email back to em with a message failure report. This gives me enough time to improve the code (Storks) till Monday.

Update June 2: Another funny thing happened last night after I had updated this. My friend text me and we were just chatting through text messages and while discussing something she made a joke that she was pregnant. 

Observation: What I have observed is that the daily draws ' energies are sometimes very subtle, it can be a movie we watch or a television show. The cards do manifest in more than one ways. Its important to read both card 2 and 3 as a separate indication to card 1. card 1+2 and 1+3 are two other combinations.

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