Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Draw June 4, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Bear + Anchor + Fox

Key Card: Bear

Key words: An authoritative man, power, strength

Prediction: Bear as the daily card is putting my focus on my strength today. I feel like having too much on my plate lately. I had a bad sleepless night and my head was full of worries. There is so much going on that when I say my prayer I have no idea how to fit everything I want sorted right now in words. The Anchor can be the daily grind which I am facing and facing badly these days. The Fox in the last position adds element of fake and false to the draw. The Fox is also card of shrewdness and cleverness. I also feel like I am not that much strong as I think I am. I have two 9's in the spread with one 10. 9 of spades and 9 of clubs. Two nines can be some monetary gain or higher education. So here are my two cents:

 I'm just skilfully pretending I'm strong

The mental strength I need to go through my day, somehow manage everything on my plate.

What Happened in relation to cards: It was the 2nd interpretation I made above. I had so so much on my plate and there was so much going on. I had to de clutter the disk drive in order to install visual studio on it,(which I still have not), I had to finish the final report (I'm like half done) and there was an assignment, a project presentation and so so much more. It was a day which needed lots of mental strength (Bear-Fox) which I did not even have to get the tasks done. Determination was the key.

Observation: Fox is not only the card of lies and deception, its also a card which deals with logic, shrewdness, strategy-making and cleverness.


  1. Hi There

    Just to share my insight.
    You past experience is at test at the moment. It may not work best in applying it into the situation which you are currently dealt with. You would be in doubt with the "foundation".
    However, this problem will dissolve if you detach yourself from this "foundation". Also, the unknown / mystery from a "gentleman" will be uncovered later...?



  2. Hi Eric. Since its a daily draw and things are usually not that tricky in a daily draw. But I must tell you that yesterday was a day where I found myself quite overwhelmed, pushed and over-powered. Thank you for your great insight. Much appreciated