Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 23 (Updated)

Cards for the week:

Coffin - Mice - Tower - Stars - Sun - Heart - Clover

week 23

Theme Card: Stars
Key words : Hope, guidance, new path, success

The card Stars is also associated with spirituality, astrology, astronomy, and the science. In my readings, this card has also represented astrological transits and a psychic lady. With Tower I'm wondering if there is a association or organization of psychic or astrologers which brings some success (Tower - Stars-Sun). I was reading some Russian meanings I have collected and it said a strange thing "Stars means calmness, it can also be associated with colour Blue". Blue is my favourite colour to meditate on when I feel down, it calms me. Stars - Tower is honours and success.

Stars and Sun is a great combination, because it speaks about success and luck. So at least the theme looks good.

Left arm:

Coffin - Mice - Tower
Where the Mice is eating at the negative energy of the Coffin, the Mice may also be some worries which will upset me a bit too much. I'm not liking the combination of Coffin-Mice and then Mice-Tower. Coffin-Mice will put an end to the problems I am having, specially the feeling of having too much to do and too little time, but Mice-Tower looks like these worries will make me lose my self-confidence and my ability to do it alone.

Coffin//Clover is good pair as it is suggesting after a period of bad luck, hope will be re achieved. Mice//Heart - Loss of love, for the first half of the week, I can say yes.
Tower//Sun = This looks promising finally something nicer to look forward to.

Update Mid-week
I'm really surprised how I was so so so down with worries and so stressed. Then all of sudden I started praying, after a long long time actually. Its the power of faith that keeps me going and my faith was being so strong that I finally got over one of my major problems, one is on way to solution and the others will be solved in time too. 

Right arm:
Sun - Heart - Clover
Sun warms everything that is around it. With Heart it looks like warming of the heart. Ending with Clover it looks all good during the second half of the week despite the fact that Clover is reflecting to Coffin and Heart to Mice. I'm hopeful (isn't that what the Stars are about).

Reading as a story: After a period of bad circumstances, the worries are going away and putting me back in position. There is regained hope and success, which leads to a happy and content heart.

I have 2 negative, 4 positive and 1 neutral card here. There are more Reds than Blacks (5:2) and also there are three 6's. Three 6's either denote money gained or a small gathering or party. I'm expecting a family get-together this week.

Update week ends:
The second part of the week was probably the best part of my week without a doubt. The Sun-Heart combo brought a lot of luck , happiness and warmth in matters of Heart (not romantic, but something like affection for someone). But I did feel some down times, some worries, some doubts (Heart-Mice) swarming in my head. The get together was fun actually.

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