Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daily Draw June 3, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Roads + Key + Dog

Key Card: Roads
Key words: Choice, alternative, short journey

Prediction: The Roads as the key card would be a choice or a decision which must be made. The Key adds a level of certainty to this. Whatever lies to left of the Key must pass and the result is whatever lies to the Right. Today looks like an important decision or a choice when it comes to a particular friend. Key + Dog also shows that its a friend who is important or who could help in making a decision.

So I have following interpretations:

An important choice has to be made concerning an important friend

A decision has to be made and a friend will be of help

I could not help but notice numbers 22 and 33 appearing in this spread. Number 18 is also equal to number 9 which is a powerful number.

What Happened in relation to cards: The situation mentioned above, the first one happened. I waited all day long for him to at least send one text but its so disappointing. I understand the big conference and everything but one text would not have hurt, would it? Friends do not do that to friends, do they? Enough with the drama, but all day long I was finding myself constantly trying to make a decision, and considering my alternatives. Its very important for me to teach him a lesson so that he stops taking me for-granted. One of the alternative was whether I should not talk to him after the conference ends and he calls me on 7th or 8th June and he finds that my cell phone has been switched off. Then I somehow control myself from texting him and I go have fun travelling around till 24th of June and keep him wondering wherever I have been. Fascinating. Or may be I should just take his call and talk to him in my coldest tone and pretend that I don't care about his presence or absence. Must make a choice, its important.

 Observation: Card 2+3 is always a good description together for card 1. 

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