Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daily Draw June 2, 2012

Weather : Cloudy
Daily Draw June 2, 2012
Cards: Key + Stars + Lady

Key Card: Key

Key words: Guidance, new path, success, hope

Prediction: The Key is a very important card and it always unlocks something in our lives. The card which is modifying Key is Stars. So the nature of this answer or solution is abstract, in terms of hope and new path. Together they say finding a way to a new path or finding hope. Whatever lies to the left of teh Key is something which will definitely happen. Key is the solution, the answer, the key to a locked door. I have the key to finding hope for myself (if the Lady is me) or a psychic or astrologer Lady brings me some answers (Stars + Lady).

What Happened in relation to cards: This turned out to be my research on which house and which part of my natal chart the upcoming lunar eclipse would be falling. I came across a blog which is a combination of tarot and astrology. A good read for horoscope. I was on ipad otherwise I would have saved the link for sharing.

update : Here is the blog I liked for this tarotscope.

Observation: Lady is not always me in the daily draws. It has represented several women in the daily draws. The card which is next to Lady is usually a description as to who she can be.

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