Monday, October 29, 2012

week 44 Predictions (updated)

Week 44
Theme card:
Key words: Money, finances, a man who is good with investments
So this week is all about money & possibly the improvement in finances, or a man who brings some good changes, and is a good friend.

All round the week my head was filled with one concern, and that is money. I have also received the amount due from University (Scholarship) and also inspirations to improve my finances (Storks - Fish) from my brother & cousin brother (Fish - Dog).

Left arm:
Coffin - Moon - Storks
Depression will be converted to uplifting moods.

For the first half of the week I was deeply depressed, and I was having extreme mood swings. Things turned up on November 1, when I went for a short trip & felt instantly better. Its amazing what really small changes can do to your mood.

Right arm:
Dog - Child - Bear
A new friend will be strong or bring strength.

I have made no new friend, but I have had a chance to find a new work-out routine. I don't know where the Dog comes in but I can understand the Child-Bear in this context. 

We have Two Tens = journey outside city (how correct, I'm going out of town tomorrow) & Storks - Fish - Dog tells me its a lady & man becoming good friends.

I did go out of town (Hurray for this one) & I did talk to a guy in the beginning of the week, who was having some problems in his relationship with his gf of two years and he wanted to talk, just talk. so I thought it was payback time & I just stayed & listened to him.

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