Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nov 5- Nov 11 Weekly Predictions (Updated)

Weekly reading
Letter - email, document, written letter, information

With Mice there, I think this message will be incomplete or will be lost. The presence of Man on other side shows its from a man who can be anyone. With Mercury, the planet of electronic & communication turning retrograde, its a double confirmation. I have to be sure I receive all important documents.

First of all, the theme of the week was basically messages, messages and messages. I had to dispatch the application with attested testimonials during the week but I could not (Mice-Letter). I was intending to have a thorough conversation with this Man I have not talked to in days, but I could not, mainly because I was busy. If I have lost a message, I have no clue.

Left Arm:
Clouds - Rider - Mice

Two negative cards surrounding Rider which is also card for message and communication. Just strengthening the above said concept.

I super hated the lack of conversation this week. There were a few things I got to clarify with this person, but still there was sure a feeling that I miss talking to him !!!

Right Arm:
Man - Snake - Book

This is a complicated man, an introvert may be, this man is with a woman who is not so open, and is rather keeping a secret.

That one is so wicked true. This man, oh how so introvert he is and how mysterious *awed*. Anyway I believe he is with another woman, and he is just keeping it a secret.

I must add here, I missed Rider-Snake but I barely escaped a road accident during weekend on a twisted road. Rider can be vehicle and Snake can be twisted road, watch out with the combo people!

Other information: A lost message or a lack of communication between a man & woman (King & Queen of Clubs). This communication is related to another man (Man) which leads to Book at end of the spread.

There are two 7s = signify life changes!!!

Lets see what changes with the Mercury Retrograde this week!

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