Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Draw October 11, 2012


Theme card:Flowers or Bouquet, means joy, happiness, a surprise, invitation or a pleasant lady.
Flower + House is a man or a woman, a family oriented woman, an invitation comes from a man, or a family invitation. Flowers +Ring is a wedding present, an invitation. This combo can play out as many things but I believe its a man & a woman developing a deeply connected feeling.

So I proposed to my friend, that he should marry my friend! This friend of mine is a sweet, young lady, I remember during the Cartomante Cabinet exercises, I associated Flowers/Bouquet card with her. She is charming, sweet & very generous soul. A typical Archer Girl. Then, Queen of Spades is a woman who has lost something, & this friend of mine has lost her mother recently.
The guy friend I proposed to, is a very family-oriented guy. I made this proposal to him when he was telling me his personal life goal was to be a good father.This explains why he is King of Hearts & House in lenormand. the Flower-Ring is my marriage proposal/invitation combo but I did not know it will pan out like this!

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