Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 41 predictions (Updated)

12Birds- 10Scythe- 17Storks - 21Mountain- 24Heart - 35Anchor - 07Snake

Theme card: Mountain: After having really stressful week, I guess I'm headed towards just another one. Mountain usually puts lots of burdens, delays things & hinders & blocks the way.Storks-Mountain-Heart shows me that the much anticipated Change or Improvement is blocked but at the other end lies happiness.

Whatever I felt like getting done this week, was delayed. Things stop making any sense & I find myself hanging in a zone of waiting & waiting. I hope it passes away before I start getting too impatient.

Left arm:
Birds - Scythe - Storks
Out of nervousness & stress, I'm putting an end to some kind of improvement or change. The Storks reflect heart so I wonder if the change is related to matters of love.

I feel stressed. I must confess I do & out of this nervous energy, not knowing what is happening I'm taking some impulsive decisions, specially where the matters of affection are concerned. I believe I'm going out of my way in doing that. Sad!

Right arm:
Heart - Anchor - Snake
Its simply the stability of heart or emotions is shaken, the comfort of heart is not easy coming this week but there is stability or comfort between a man & woman when it comes to complications of heart.

This is exactly what the situation is right now. Between this man & woman, things are anchored, apparently, but I do feel that the comfort of my feelings or my affection, which I was mistaking, is actually shaken this week. At several points in this week I found myself questioning my own feelings, Is this the right thing to do? Am I over-obsessing? What exactly is happening? But I have to handle all of it on my own, because this man in question, wants stability above everything (Anchor).

I don't know how this will work, but I have to wait & see.

There are two Queens & two Jacks. Two Queens = gossip or rivalry
Two Jacks = Quarrel.

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