Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 43 Predictions

week 43
Key words: Harmony, a mature older man

I feel like I will be socialising more among older and wiser people this week, may be a couple (King of Spades & Queen of Diamonds). This can also mean taking some time/counselling regarding a decision.

Since this man or resting period is the theme of the week, I guess there is not much excitement going on. actually I do not remember ever having Lilies as my theme card in a weekly drawing. I want to see what happens.

I was right about the resting period, specially with Scythe-Garden. I stayed in, all week long. Didn't go out for anything at all. Did some soul searching & felt sick.

Left arm:
Lady - Scythe - Garden
I feel like taking a sharp decision to cut off from a group, a gathering or simply a decision to stay off twitter or facebook this week. I know where this is heading. It can also be me, having a cyber verbal fight (Scythe is sharp & cutting).

I was actually off from "people" this week. Thus didn't update any posts on blog too.

Right Arm:
Roads - Sun - Heart
A decision which will result is a much more warmer & satisfied heart/love life. Alternatively, its a woman and a man reaching a point where they decide to open their hearts to each other (Queen of Diamonds & Jack of Hearts).

I had a choice, to make or break. I feel so utterly lonely these days, why? is it because I have shut myself in? I have a choice, we all do!
I had a heart-to-heart with my friend today, he is a Sagittarius  so he can be Jack of Hearts & I feel so good talking it all out.

Story Line:
A lady (me) is cutting off from social life, in order to counsel a man or take advice from a man about a decision which is about matters of heart. This decision involves Two men, one older & wiser & other younger & charming (King of Spades & Jack of Hearts)

I did cut off from people this week, and I did ask my friend what to do? The choice was rather between a man, older wiser & a guy my age & very pleasant & I must say, warm-hearted.

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