Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Draw October 10,2012


THEME: Bear. An overpowering or dominating male. Strength and energy.
These three cards together tell me I will receive a mesaage from some one who is bossy and chubby. All these three cards are what I use for representing three distinct people in my life. Rider can be a word of advice (Lilies) coming from a protective male.

RESULTS: So i recieved the same kind of messages in my inbox I receive everyday. No advices or anything of the sort but I was talking to this man, who was once represented as Rider in my GT, and he is actually very wise and mature too, he said he wanted to be a good father and that was his personal goal in life. I find that he is pretty protective and strong. He is not chubby but he appears like a Bear type in character.

On another note, today I posted this image on my instagram
And there is a Bear, its a message & its a word of wisdom....

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