Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 42 Predictions (Updated)

Week 42
Keywords: Hope, faith, science, guidance
With Clover & Storks on either side, I find myself feeling more hopeful & having a way out of all the frustrations this week. The Stars -Clover tells me I have to have small glimpse of hope in order to find a new way (Stars-Storks).

I actually started making some serious efforts in praying & keeping my optimistic face up this week. I have felt that I need to re-connect with my spiritual beliefs & I have successfully had that by the time week has ended. This for me was an instant uplifting & self-esteem boost.

Left arm:
Cross - Fox - Clover
Through some rough & tough times & actions, I will find my hidden luck, which has been hiding from me for quite some time now. I need to cheer myself up, & looks like it will happen right this week.

I have been sad & down & depressed, but not for long. I have figured out that by being a little logical instead of emotional & a bit more shrewd, I can actually turn things into my favour instead of giving my happiness in other people's hands.

Right arm:
Storks - Dog - House

Queen & King of Hearts can be a couple with lots of trust & friendship between them (Dog). There is an improvement in friendship & feelings of mutual trust between a man & woman. It looks better than the first half of the week.

This turned out to be 100% true by the time we had Friday night. Me & my friend, with whom I have reconnected after 6yrs, are having lots to talk about & I believe we are on to happy road to friendship, strong & trustful. I also believe he is a bit cautious when it comes to friendship with me (Dog reflecting/mirroring Fox) but his doubts are in vain. He will soon realize. 

There are three 6 this week. social engagement, party, or get-together. Thank God!

I was planning to go out this week end, out of city actually. But it did not happen. I preferred staying home. No party or gathering :(

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