Saturday, October 20, 2012

Daily Draw October 20, 2012

Weather : Cloudy/fog Cards: Dog + Bear + Fox Key Card: Dog Key words: A friend, trust, friendship Prediction: This makes a man/friend really important today. Friendship/loyalty & trust are the theme for today. With Bear, I can easily say its a dominating & powerful/strong/protective friend I have. It can be a number of guys but when I saw Fox I was sure its just this one guy. Specially when Dog was mirroring the Fox card in my weekly draw for this week too. This guy is someone very shrewd, careful & sort of playful too. What Happened in relation to cards: The cards were right on. My day started with text chatting with this man, my friend I had in mind & we talked for approx 6 hours straight. During these six hours, he & I both had fun, a LOT of fun actually, since we both try a lot to dominate each other, falsely (Bear + Fox) and it was fun. He however is veryyyy careful & playful when it comes to disclosing his personal affairs.

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