Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 35 predictions (Updated)

week 36 predictions

Theme : Fox
Key words: Slyness, deception.
This week's theme is slyness & deception. I need to stay alert & on my guard for this. The Fox can be me as well, being smart, playing the game, which I have just learnt in the last week.
Scythe is cutting at Fox, so some mental clarity is expected this week where I will be able to see through some lies or deception. There is Fox - Snake which is back biting  or hidden danger or a sly woman. The Scythe is cutting at it, so I'm sure I'll be safer if I'm watching out.

I had such a busy week that I literally had no time to update this. The Fox has clearly be me, I have been feeling quite "foxy" these days. I feel like I can see through lies & deceptions & I can rather map my way out more cleverly. There is a lady, an older lady who looks quite worries about my behaviour regarding a man involved & she might be back biting, I cannot really say.

Left arm:
Flower - Letter - Scythe

An unexpected happy invitation or a letter/news/information which comes out of blue. The Scythe is cutting at the Fox, so I can say some clarity will be evident in a letter or a news. This will be happy news.

Flowers - Lilies = a couple, sexual pleasure
Letter - Dog = news from/about a friend
Scythe - Snake = cutting off from a woman, end to a complication between a man & a woman

I have had a news about a friend this week which turned out to be a fake news about his interview & being short listed at a firm. Besides that I have been having great time, having so much fun. 

Right arm:
Snake - Dog - Lilies
There are complications in platonic friendship between a man & a woman.

Well, this turned out to be an older man, & things are not quite straight with him. I'm mentally too pre-occupied though, to understand.

Extra information: There are two Queens so I expect some gossip & chit chat specially with my Gemini cousin coming over,its totally expected.

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