Friday, August 24, 2012

Going with the gut: lenormand & intuition

Over the year and half of my journey with lenormand oracle studies, I have seen two groups forming on the lenormand front. One group is a believer that you shoud go by your "intuition" and not by the book. The other more traditional and more "rooted" group believes that one should not deviate from the basic meanings of the symbols and the methods to read them (combinations etc). I have been strictly Group B since day 1. The reason behind that is if you do not build the foundation by book, your building may collapse at a later stage when you are adding up layers after layers.

This does not necessarily mean I have never seen my intuition or my gut feeling play any roles. Seeing some other respectable lenormand readers who have been at it for longer than I am, they talk about the gut feelings taking a stronger position in your lenormand interpretation after a while. I guess now when its been over a year, I can sense it, like literally. I want to share an experience of such a "gut" feeling from yesterday.

My exams result had been expected for quite sometime. There is no proper date announced so students play guess games mostly. Some of them were of the view it will be 24th august and my idea was it will be sometime between 24th and 28th August. Nobody expected 23rd. When I pulled Book as theme card, my gut said it was something about my studies, and with that there was Rider + Clouds. When I looked at Book + Rider, my first thought was "exams result" and looking at Rider+Clouds its like clearing up of some sort, a news which clears things up since the lighter side of Clouds is where the confusion is clearing up.

The next day I opened my grade book on Student Account page, and it was there!

So you can see that lenormand does not tell you to strictly follow the meanings they have given you in books or in your lists or on any forum. It tells you to build a strong foundation as to what the Book can be, what the Rider can be and what the Clouds can be.Then within those limits, your gut plays along & lets you know what the Book, Rider & Clouds ARE for that particular day ahead.

This also clarifies things for those who are worried about daily draws not exactly telling whats happening ahead. Have patience fellas and keep practising!

Happy Reading !

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